AGROMIX aims to explore the potential of novel approaches and technologies, such as serious games, apps, and other innovative and virtual tools, to promote innovation in highly complex, diverse contexts. It seeks to transform stakeholder engagement events into more informal learning environments, pioneering this approach in the context of developing mixed farming and agroforestry systems. 

Resilience Self-Assessment Tool

Online tool consisting of a set of indicators to test if a mixed farming system or an agroforestry farming system is more resilient to climate change-related shocks and stresses compared to their respective mono-activity agricultural systems.

Try the tool here

Catalogue of Practices

In order to make knowledge from agroforestry and mixed farming initiatives in Europe accessible for a wider public, a catalogue of such initiatives in Europe was created. This catalogue gives an overview of the whole AGROMIX case study catalogue dataset and it offers to filter for different categories, to select and search for cases matching the search criteria.

Try the tool here


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