Scientific publications

AGROMIX aims to promote and publish scientific information concerning project results, which can be accessed and used by academics to stimulate further pure and applied research.

December 2023

Agroforestry supports high bird diversity in European farmland

Manon Edo, Martin H. Entling, Verena Rösch
November 2023

Reduced grazing and changes in the area of agroforestry in Europe

Judit Rubio-Delgado, Susanne Schnabel, Paul J. Burgess, Sara Burbi
May 2023

Outcomes of a comparison between pastoral and silvopastoral management on beef cattle productivity, animal welfare and pasture depletion in a Mediterranean extensive farm

Alice Ripamonti, Alberto Mantino, Francesco Annecchini, Alice Cappucci, Laura Casarosa, Luca Turini, Giulia Foggi, Marcello Mele
March 2023

Modelling phosphorus dynamics in four European long-term experiments

Anna Muntwyler, Panos Panagos, Francesco Morari, Antonio Berti, Klaus A. Jarosch, Jochen Mayer, Emanuele Lugato
Call for submissions
Special Issue on "Climate resilience of agroforestry and mixed farming"


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