In The Field

AGROMIX’s research comes from on-the-ground experience working with farmers on 12 pilot projects, and eight long-term trial sites.

Pilot Projects

Co-Design Solutions

AGROMIX works with 12 in-depth pilot projects across Europe to develop and test current mixed farming and agroforestry systems through a participatory co-design process, with the ambition of increasing their environmental and socio-economic resilience. These 12 projects are located in three agro-climatic zones across Europe, use different land management systems, and have different socio-economic contexts, representing a variety of farming systems in Europe. The pilot projects will be carried out in two phases: First, the participatory design approach will be tested in six projects; then, the methodology will be revised, improved, and tested on the remaining six.

Stadtbauernhof Saarbrücken

Country: Germany
Components: Trees-crops-livestock
Farming system: Organic
Scale: 1.8 ha
Partner in charge: Hochschule Trier (IfaS)


Country: The Netherlands
Components: Crops-livestock-trees
Farming system: -
Scale: 500 ha
Partner in charge: Wageningen University and Research (WR)

IG Agroforst Network

Country: Switzerland
Components: Trees-crops
Farming system: Conventional/organic combination
Scale: Individual farm
Partner in charge: Eidgenössisches Departement für Wirtschaft, Bildung und Forschung (AGROSCOPE)

Oikos Farm

Country: Poland
Components: Trees-grassland-animals
Farming system: Organic
Scale: Individual farm (200 ha)
Partner in charge: Ogólnopolskie Stowarzyszenie Agroleśnictwa (OSA) – Polish Agroforestry

Association of Rudno Households

Country: Serbia
Components: Trees-crops-livestock
Farming system: Conventional
Scale: 12 private farms
Partner in charge: Mreža za ruralni razvoj Srbije (NRDS)

Trial Sites

Resilience Potential

AGROMIX works with another eight well-established agroforestry and mixed farming trial sites, measuring their agroecosystem’s resilience. On these sites, microclimate effects will be tested, and productivity and biodiversity indicators will be implemented, using the results to design future climate scenarios using biophysical models.


Location: Therwil, Switzerland
Establishment: 1978
Size: 1.3 ha
Crops: maize, wheat, clover-grass pasture, soy, potatoes
Trees: -
Livestock: -
Partner: Eidgenössisches Departement für Wirtschaft, Bildung und Forschung (AGROSCOPE)
Contact: Jochen Mayer, Klaus Jarosch

Dehesa of Majadas

Location: Majadas de Tiétar, Spain
Establishment: 2014
Size: 800 ha (200 ha are monitored)
Crops: pasture
Trees: holm oak
Livestock: cattle, sheep
Partner: Universidad de Extremadura (UEX)
Contact: Gerardo Moreno


Location: Pisa, Italy
Establishment: 2018
Size: 40 ha
Crops: durum wheat, sorghum, faba bean, Italian ryegrass, orchard-grass
Trees: poplars, oaks
Livestock: dairy sheep
Partner: University of Pisa (UNIPI)
Contact: Daniele Antichi

Tenuta di Paganico

Location: Pisa, Italy
Establishment: 2014
Size: 1100 ha forest, 100 ha grazeland, 300 ha crops, 800 olive trees, 3 ha vineyards
Crops: wheat, alfalfa, faba bean, oats, mixed pasture
Trees: Turkish oak
Livestock: maremmana steers
Partner: University of Pisa (UNIPI), Tenuta di Paganico
Contact: Marcello Mele, Alice Cappucci, Jacopo Goracci


Location: Saint-Genès-Champanelle, Clermont-Ferrand, France
Establishment: 2015
Size: 4 ha
Crops: -
Trees: cherry, maple, ash
Livestock: sheep
Partner: INRAE
Contact: Mickael Bernard, Robin Russias


Location: Loughgall, UK
Establishment: 1989 (silvopastoral), 1999 (silvoarable)
Size: -
Components: -
Crops: barley, grass
Trees: cherry, maple, ash
Livestock: sheep
Partner: Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute (AFBI)
Contact: Rodrigo Olave


Location: Fressingfield, Suffolk, UK
Establishment: 1994
Size: 2.5 ha
Crops: wheat, beans, lentils, other
Trees: willows, walnuts, timber trees
Livestock: none
Partner: Organic Research Centre (ORC)
Contact: Will Simonson


Location: Restinclières, France
Establishment: 1995
Size: 50 ha: 25 ha annual crops, 7 ha vineyards, smaller plots
Crops: durum wheat, winter pea, barley, wine, apple, alfalfa, fescue, short rotation coppice
Trees: hybrid walnut, service tree, stone-pine
Livestock: -
Partner: INRAE
Contact: Christian Dupraz, Lydie Dufour