Catalogue of Practices

Run by: ZHAW

In order to make knowledge from agroforestry and mixed farming initiatives in Europe accessible for a wider public, a catalogue of such initiatives in Europe was created. This catalogue gives an overview of the whole AGROMIX case study catalogue dataset and it offers to filter for different categories, to select and search for cases matching the search criteria (search filter). This includes the country, partners, scale, different categorizations of the cases, farm size and an indication on the availability of data such as on agricultural practices, carbon measurements, biodiversity, and economic data. In the detail view (browse catalogue details), the whole dataset is visible, portraying each case with many different numerical information and parameter, links to publications, species and races, availability of soil data, etc. With the arrows above the title “browse catalogue details”, the whole dataset – or the dataset matching the search criteria – can be discovered.

This tool is optimized for desktop screens, the interface might appear strange with a lower resolution. If you are having visualization problems, run this tool in the source  here
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