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Summer is here and we are excited to be developing new tools to share groundbreaking information on agroforestry and regenerative farming. 

Interested in learning about current challenges and innovative solutions in agroforestry? Take a look at a recap of the 6th European Agroforestry Conference, EURAF2022, which took place in Nuoro, Italy from May 16-20.  

Also during EURAF22, we had the pleasure of visiting Nanni Caratzu and learning about his innovative silvopastoral methods in Sardinia, Italy. Hear his story by visiting our Instagram!

Did you miss the #AskAScientist live Q&A session? No worries! You can find the full recording of the conversation on our Youtube channel.  

Finally, we have built a user-friendly survey through Coventry University to learn farmers’ needs and help them transition towards agroforestry. Check it out and let us know your thoughts! 

Read more for information on upcoming events, eye-opening articles, stories from our pilot projects, and influential youth in environmental journalism. 


Watch the AGROMIX #AskAScientist Q&A session!

Within the framework of the EURAF conference in May 2022, the AGROMIX project organized a “Questions and Answers” session to try to answer the most frequent questions about agroforestry gathered through AGROMIX’s social media channels from the project’s followers with the support of four experts on the field. 

This conversation was recorded and posted on our YouTube channel for easy access!

 View the recording to learn about agroforestry & regenerative farming

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Innovations for Upscaling Agroforestry

EURAF’s 6th European Agroforestry Conference was held from 16-20th May 2022 in Sardinia, Italy. The objective of the conference was to build on the increasing volume of scientific evidence of the benefits of agroforestry and use new case studies and evidence to explore the latest innovations in implementing agroforestry systems that could lead to the upscaling of this practice in Europe and beyond.

Read the article here

Agroforestry in Sardinia, Italy

This video presents an overview of the agroforestry situation in the island of Sardinia. It also presents Nanni Caratzu, a farmer that manages a 120-hectare farm in central Sardinia practicing livestock grazing in forests and explain how this prevents wildfire episodes.

Watch it here!

Explore the AGROMIX Knowledge Hub!

The Hub is a collaborative space where you will find plenty of resources on agroforestry and mixed farming from all over Europe.

Get inspired, and learn something new! 

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▲ Pilot Spotlight: Blue Pig Farm

Take a tour of the farm!


Regenerative agriculture & food systems summit 2022


During the Regenerative Agriculture and Food Systems Summit, representatives from the food and beverage industry, ingredients suppliers, food producers, supply chain monitoring platforms, AgTech firms, and consultants will come together to discuss the opportunities and challenges associated with maximizing the impact of regenerative agriculture practices in the food industry.

See more!

Summer school in agroforestry and ecosystem services 2022


Sant’ Anna School of Advanced Studies of Pisa, in Italy, is organizing from the 26th to 30th September a summer school in agroforestry and ecosystem services. The school will have both lectures and field activities such as agroecology, sustainable practices, data collection and field work. Also, the course will include field trips to agrosilvopastoral systems, alley cropping, poplar short rotation coppice agroforestry and field experiments.

Apply before 15th August!

 Calling all farmers and land managers!

We are building a digital tool for farmers to transition towards agroforestry and mixed farming. Help lead the land use transition by filling in our survey of farmers' needs!

Take the survey!

 On the radar

Farmers need help to plant trees with their crops - BBC News

“Now that the climate crisis calls for vastly more trees, a new report has said that the emphasis on expanding forestry has overlooked the opportunity to plant trees on farmland alongside conventional crops." 

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Boosting climate resilience with agroforestry - On The Green Fence DW

“Agriculture needs to adapt to climate change to ensure food security. Agroforestry systems could help make farms more resilient, but they only constitute a fraction of farming in Europe. Is it time for change?." 

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Experimenting with plant rotation and intercropping for biodiverse agriculture

Meet Lizelore Vos, who has just begun a plant rotation system to grow potatoes, carrots, chicory, alfalfa, and wheat, planting the crops on different plots each year, diversifying soil nutrients. She’s also planted rows of fruit and nut trees between the crops, to protect them from the wind, and generating additional ecosystemic benefits
Hear her story

Creating a Forest Garden: Working with Nature to Grow Edible Crops by Martin Crawford  

Forest gardening, also known as agroforestry, is a method of cultivating food with nature’s guidance. A forest garden has a variety of crops cultivated in vertical levels to resemble young, natural forests. In order to create a healthy system that maintains its own fertility and requires no digging, weeding, or pest management, species are picked for their positive impacts on one another. This primarily perennial landscaping creates a productive and beautiful system. 

This guide offers helpful tips on how to establish a forest garden, from planning and design to planting and upkeep.  

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Nanni Caratzu tells us about his farm in central Sardinia, Italy, where he grazes cows and goats in mountain forests to help reduce the risk of wildfires in the area.



The term ‘food sovereignty’ embodies a transformation of our food system. The concept resonates with our instinctive desire for autonomy over what we consume, but what exactly does it mean, and how can it address the crucial challenges we face today?

Learn more in REVOLVE magazine!



We are delighted to announce our new partnership with The Greenzine! 

Led by passionate young people, the Greenzine is an interdisciplinary and multimedia storytelling collective for change makers around the world. Take a look at their work @the_greenzine

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