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Olivia Tavares

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Carl Sheard
La Prévôté, 49520 Noyant la Gravoyère

+02 41 61 57 76

The synergies between arable, trees and pig farming

Take me to the farm

Blue Pig Farm

The Blue Pig Farm is an organic pig farm in western France, set up by the farmer Carl Sheard, and monitored by the French Research Institute for Organic Food and Farming (ITAB). The farm covers 6.6 hectares that integrate agroforestry and fodder crops for pigs. The land manager’s motivation for integrating crops and livestock is to produce his own pig feed to become more autonomous, enhance animal welfare, and improve meat quality, as explained by his colleague Olivia, from ITAB
image/svg+xml The Blue Pig Farm Components Trees Crops Animals Agroclimatic zone Atlantic Organic farming system Individual farm 00 Noyant-la-Gravoyère France
How can AGROMIX support Carl and the Blue Pig Farm?
Carl Sheard, the Blue Pig Farm
Integrating crops, livestock and trees in a mixed farming system has brought a variety of additional benefits, including shade and protection for the pigs, and natural crop fertiliser with pig excrement. In the future, Carl hopes to evaluate whether the nutrients from pig excrement increase production and improve crop quality, under more rigorous testing.

Acknowledging obstacles and overcoming them

image/svg+xml Olivia Tavares,Pilot project Ambassador Carl and his team recognise that implementing mixed farming has been challenging at times, highlighting the difficulties of understanding the interaction between the different elements when introducing pigs into the land where fodder crops were being produced.
And, how do you envision the future of our food system?


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