Resilience Self-Assessment Tool

Run by: MVARC

The objective of the Resilience Self-Assessment tool is to provide the AGROMIX project with a coherent set of indicators that, when combined, can quantify and evaluate how resilient a farm in Europe is to climate change. This set is able to test the project’s hypothesis that a mixed farming system or an agroforestry farming system is more resilient to climate change-related shocks and stresses compared to mono-activity agricultural systems.

This tool is based on AGROMIX’s Deliverable 1.3 Farm-level indicators for resilience to climate change stressors, and resulted as a framework of general non-site-specific indicators and farm-specific indicators, following the definitions and resilience framework from Deliverable 1.1. The set of indicators cover all relevant components of resilience (ecological, economic, social).

This tool is optimized for desktop screens, the interface might appear strange with a lower resolution.
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