Flanders Research Institute for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (BE)

Bert Reubens

Jolien Brocke

Koen Willekens

Paul Pardon

EV ILVO is part of the Flemish Institute for Agriculture and Fisheries Research (VlO ILVO), acting as a contractor for their EU-funded projects. EV ILVO carries out multidisciplinary, independent research and specialised service provision in all fields related to agriculture, fisheries and food in Flanders, working towards economic, environmental and social sustainability in these sectors. EV ILVO employs around 600 people, of which 50% are researchers.

The people and research groups involved in AGROMIX have varied experience in agroecological farming systems, mixed farming and agroforestry. The team have worked on agronomy, practical field management and planning, and field and farm monitoring in previous and ongoing projects in close collaboration with practitioners, using co-development and participatory research

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