Estonian University of Life Sciences (EE)

Marika Kose

Kadri Tali

The Estonian University of Life Sciences (EMU) is the only university in Estonia whose academic research priorities include the sustainable management of natural resources, heritage, and habitat. According to the 2017 QS World University Rankings by Subject (2017), the Estonian University of Life Sciences ranks amongst the top 100 universities in agriculture and forestry.

The University’s mission is to increase the sustainable use of natural resources through knowledge-based education. To support this mission, the EMU created the Green University Initiative - a vision of a green university with a minimal ecological footprint, and healthy working and learning environments that consider sustainable development in all decision-making, thus setting an example for society.

The University is composed of research and development institutes and centres. Currently, teaching and research is carried out in five institutes: the Institute of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences, the Institute of Technology, the Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, the Institute of Forestry and Rural Engineering, and the Institute of Economics and Social Sciences. One of the main aims of the research carried out at EMU is to integrate knowledge to deal with climate change in ecosystems and socio-economic systems.

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