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While we all closely watch and hope for an alleviation of COVID-19 restrictions, AGROMIX has been busy with ongoing field work, participation in events, and with developing exciting outreach material.

We met with our 'sister' projects MIXED and STARGATE - research projects funded under the same EU Horizon 2020 call on climate-smart and resilient farming - to meet our counterparts, learn from each other's initial experiences, discuss how we can work together in the years to come to maximise our impact. 

Meanwhile, we also joined in the 5th European Agroforestry Conference hosted by the European Agroforestry Federation (EURAF) in May, meeting with likeminded researchers, practitioners and enthusiasts from across the world, sharing first-hand experiences of how agroforestry can be an integral part of our response to climate change, zero hunger, and human health. 


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Strengthening Collaboration Between Research Projects

More than 80 participants - including eight from the European Commission - joined the 1st joint event of the three research projects for climate-smart and resilient farming: AGROMIX, MIXED and STARGATE.

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EURAF 2020: Envisioning The Future Of Agroforestry

The 5th European Agroforestry Conference brought together researchers, practitioners and enthusiasts from across the world, sharing first-hand experiences of how agroforestry can be an integral part of our response to climate change, zero hunger, and human health.

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▲ Project updates

See our first project video!

Our first video delves into AGROMIX's ambitions and approaches - take a look!

AGROMIX’s 12 pilot sites have been working together to co-design activities to optimise mixed farming and agroforestry on their farms, learning from each other’s experiences and supporting each other on the way. Our research team has also been busy gathering open-source data, and creating an inventory of all existing mixed farming and agroforestry policies, identifying opportunities for new national and EU policies that address the current gaps. Our dissemination activities are also growing - take a look at our expanding website, new video, and growing social media networks below!

 Insights from the team


We are not changing the design, we are designing for change! To do so, we run 12 co-designed a mixed farming and agroforestry and pilot projects across Europe with a diverse group of stakeholders, leaving a legacy of meaningful impact through our co-design approach.


Daniël de Jong 
Leader of AGROMIX work package 2: System design and synergies
Wageningen University and Research (the Netherlands)



Landscape 2021 will take place online from 20-22 September 2021. Together with MIXED – one of our ‘sister’ projects – AGROMIX will present the project’s activities and objectives, and establish networks and synergies with complementary projects.

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The 3rd Agroecology Europe Forum, titled 'Agroecology for regeneration of our food systems and communities' will take place from 18-20 November 2021 in Barcelona as a hybrid event. The forum is organised by a coalition of local farmers, universities, local administrations, social movement organisations and NGOs, and will offer a variety of workshops, discussions, and plenty more.

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▲ On the radar

How agroforestry improves farm biodiversity and impacts insect dynamics with Tom Staton

The Regenerative Agroforestry Podcast journeys with PhD student from Reading University, who has been measuring insect populations (of predators, pollinators and pests) in silvoarable vs arable systems.
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Who Really Feeds the World? The Failures of Agribusiness and the Promise of Agroecology by Vandana Shiva

Author and activist Vandana Shiva debunks the notion that our current food crisis is inevitable and must be addressed through industrial agriculture. As an alternative, Shiva emphasizes agroecology, the knowledge and science of the complex interactions that produce our food.

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Farming without disturbing soil could cut agriculture’s climate impact by 30% – The Conversation

“Tilling the soil – breaking it up with ploughs – exposes carbon buried in the soil, allowing microbes to convert it to CO₂. Farmers usually till before sowing crops, but what if they could avoid this step?” 

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How can policy support the uptake of agroforestry in Europe?

Building on a report on current agroforestry policy measures in Europe, this article describes how policy can support the uptake of agroforestry.

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Piet Hermus - agroforestry to encourage social dialogue

Piet Hermus is a Dutch arable farmer who has implemented agroforestry on his farm as an experiment to encourage social dialogue. Not knowing where the project will lead is no reason not to start with it!
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Discover this story from @WUR! "Piet Hermus is a Dutch arable farmer experimenting with #agroforestry to encourage social dialogue."
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The land use transition is now.
Discover how we're #TransformingLandscapes by supporting the research and implementation of #mixedfarming and #agroforestry across Europe.

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Farmer Sławomir Sobiepanek from the #Poland keeps #bees and #goats using an agroforestry approach. 
Sandy soils made arable farming a challenge on this #agrotourism farm, yet they discovered that their goats brought great value to their farmland and #biodiversity.

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