Welcome to the AGROMIX community, and happy World Earth Day!

Today is a day to reflect on our relationship to nature, and we take this opportunity to share with you our website launch, our first steps and stories, as well as listening, reading and watching suggestions to reflect on the farming systems of today and of the future.

Since the project launch in November, our partners have been working with the first six mixed farming and agroforestry pilot sites in France, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium and Italy, getting ready to work with the farmers to co-design models for regenerative land use.

We've also begun exploring how to use 'serious games' (games designed for a purpose other than pure entertainment) as an innovative way for farmers to redesign their land use models, and we look forward to sharing the approaches we discover.

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Kick off meeting

On 1st November 2020 AGROMIX began with a virtual opening meeting, coordinated by Coventry University (UK). See the press release on our website, with an overview of the project, its methodology, and expected results. 

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AGROMIX: Transforming Landscapes


How will AGROMIX fulfil its objective of #TransformingLandscapes? Lara Barange from REVOLVE explores the project’s approach and aspirations in this feature article.

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▲ Project updates

Our website is live!

Visit our website to discover the 12 pilot projects that will guide our research, meet our team, see upcoming events, and more!

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Agroforestry is the integration of trees with crops and/or livestock, on the same land area. This approach (if managed well) increases productivity in comparison to conventional agriculture, captures carbon, regenerates soil, and increases biodiversity. Read the full description here.

 Insights from the team


We understand the impact of conventional land use, and we know that we need alternatives. Mixed farming and agroforestry can build climate-resilient farming systems, but what we don’t know is how to ensure that the environmental, socio-economic and policy contexts that make these solutions feasible are in place. AGROMIX’s objective is to find answers to these uncertainties.



Sara Burbi

AGROMIX Project Coordinator


Discover more
Discover more

▲ On the radar

Regenerative Agroforestry Podcast

The Regenerative Agroforestry Podcast offers high-quality in-depth content, exploring tools and techniques through the eyes of farmers and experts in the field. 
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Wilding by Isabella Tree 

After decades of batting with the environmental and economic impacts of industrial farming, the owners of 3,500-acre Knepp estate in West Sussex allow their farm to be taken over by nature. 

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A moo-ving target: fenceless grazing widens possibilities for cows and wildlife – Patrick Barkham 

“GPS collars that alert cows when they reach a boundary are helping to improve habitats and boost biodiversity.” 

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UN/DESA Policy Brief #80: Forests at the heart of a green recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic 

This policy brief highlights how forests provide essential products and services that support health and livelihoods during times of crisis, how investing in forest management generates opportunities for green recovery, and how healthy forests build resilience to future pandemics. 

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The first large-scale multidisciplinary research facility for agroforestry

Our project partner Wageningen University & Research is starting the first large-scale multidisciplinary research facility for agroforestry. Discover more here!
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How will AGROMIX fulfil its ambition of #TransformingLandscapes, using innovative approaches, #seriousgames, and #advancedtechnology? @RevolveMediaCo explores this project in its latest feature!


10 great tips to avoid #soilerosion with #regenerativefarming - thank you Regen Farming News, Commonland, and The Carbon Farming Foundation!
#farming #agriculture #sustainability


AGROforestry and MIXed farming - Participatory research for resilient land use in Europe

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