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We hope you've had a good start to 2022, and that this year brings plenty opportunities for learning and exploring.

Here in the AGROMIX community we've begun another year of working with farmers to design their own mixed farming and agroforestry systems that address their individual needs, and are busy preparing numerous interactive materials for a variety of audiences - keep an eye out for practical games, software development, and interactive storytelling on our website.

Are you into agroecology? Would you like a tour around our Swiss pilot site? Have you heard about the re-introduction of wild bison into European landscapes? Take a look at the content we've gathered together for you below!


Agroecology to Regenerate Food Systems and Communities
Agroecology uses bottom-up approaches to combine farmers' knowledge with scientific research, whilst putting women, youth, and indigenous groups at the centre. We joined a motivational three-day event where we learnt about agroecology's key principles, and met inspiring practitioners from across the world.

Learn more about agroecology and hear our insights!

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Informative resources, international networks, key organisations, publications, videos, podcasts, software, audio-visual material… our Knowledge Hub has everything you need to expand your network, get inspired, and learn something new!


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Resilience in agricultural landscapes
'Resilience' is simultaneously central to achieving a more sustainable food system, yet notoriously difficult to define and measure. How can we understand farmers' resilience needs? How can cutting-edge technology ensure agricultural income? What's dark resilience?

Deepen my understanding of resilience!


Meet Simon Küng from our Swiss pilot project!

Young Swiss farmer Simon Küng shows us around his farm, tells us about his experience implementing agroforestry, the courage it took to transition towards regenerative practices, the rewarding feeling it’s brought to him, and the state of regenerative farming in Switzerland.

Hear his story!


Hi-SAFE: Model your own agroforestry system

From 31 January - 2 February 2022, the French agricultural research centres INRAE and UMR ABSys will hold a free hybrid workshop to introduce their Hi-sAFe model – an open-access 3D simulation tool that models tree and crop growth, supporting farmers’ transition towards regenerative farming.


Discover more and register here!

6th European Agroforestry Conference, EURAF2022

The European Agroforestry Federation's 6th Conference will be held in Nuoro, Italy from 16-20 May 2022.


Discover more and reserve your space here!

 Publication Opportunities

Do you have research to publish? AGROMIX colleagues from Agroscope and Coventry University are compiling a Special Issue of the Agronomy of Sustainable Development journal, bringing together state-of-the-art scientific evidence for the resilience of diversified farming systems in comparison to industrial monoculture systems. Call for papers is now open until November 2022.
More information here!

▲ Insights from the team

We aim to develop a participatory approach to unlock synergies in agroforestry and mixed farming through the development of an evidence-based serious game.



Alberto Mantino
Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Italy
WP4: Participatory Research and Tools for Climate-Smart Transition


 On the radar

Feral: Rewilding the Land, the Sea and Human Life by George Monbiot

Making use of remarkable scientific discoveries that transform our understanding of how natural systems work, George Monbiot explores a new, positive environmentalism that shows how damaged ecosystems on land and at sea can be restored, and how this restoration can revitalize and enrich our lives.

Read more

‘Gentle giants’: rangers prepare for return of wild bison to UK – The Guardian

“Animals arrive in Kent in spring 2022 and will create forest clearings – described as ‘jet fuel for biodiversity’” 

Read more

Rineke Dijkinga: Healthy food from healthy soil

Rineke is a Dutch food professional who believes that eating healthy means eating diverse, and from a healthy soil. You are what your food eats. She and her husband Jan implemented agroforestry on their land and planted more than 100 species on 2.4 hectares.
Hear more!

What's the connection between agroecological farming and nature conservation?

The Research Institute for Nature and Forest is gathering insights from the public - take their 15-minute survey and contribute to their work.

Share your thoughts!


Climate Farmers

Their objective is simple: build the infrastructure to scale regenerative agriculture in Europe. We collaborate with this group of motivated farmers, businesses, experts, policymakers and supporters to spread our shared message.
Discover their work!

Which interesting films, books, articles or podcasts would you recommend?

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“Design is at the heart of permaculture. Everything on the farm has a vital role to play. The waste produced by one activity is food for another.”  Lionel Astruc explores Bec Hellouin Farm’s ethos and teachings at 
@patagonia 👇 #regenerativefarming


"If regenerative agriculture is to move into the mainstream, we need a system of grants that rewards flexibility, experimentation and listening to the land." Interesting read in The Guardian


Meet Scarlet, our Swiss friend setting up permaculture project @sonselva_mallorca!

“The idea behind Son Selva is to show how we can live and feed ourselves in harmony with nature. We’ve taken a piece of abandoned land, and over 10 years we’re transforming it into a fertile forest garden."

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