New farm data collection system adopted

The Commission adopted the FADN system convert to Farm Sustainability Data Network (FSDN), under the ‘Council Regulation (EC) No 1217/2009 of 30 November 2009 setting up a network for the collection of sustainability data of agricultural holdings in the Union’ title.

AS of the general process of the Commission the EC is waiting for your feedback till 17th August.

The new structure of farm level data collection might be in operation in 2026, about the 2025 accounting year.
The first aim of the FSDN to provide comparable data on agricultural processes on economic, social and environmental levels for many statistical evaluation reasons and embed to several processes, such as
- CAP’s Integrated Administration and Control System (IACS) meant to provide databased control system on CAP schemes,
- Integrated Farm Statistics (IFS) provide comparable data on the agricultural holdings of the EU,
- CAP monitoring and evaluation framework (CMEF).

From the link above you can download the Explanatory Memorandum, the new divisions list and the result summery of the stakeholder consultation on the proposal back from 2021 together with the actions taken to full-fill the requirements of this consultation.

The consultation of the proposed regulation required:
- the simplification of the FADN data collection.
After the research on potential simplifications, concluded that parallelities should be reduced and the total administrational burdens of farms must be aimed, it occurred that remote sensing data collection should be taken place especially by the European Space program (
- reduce/limit financial costs of the data collection
highlighting the importance of data harmonization on all potential statistical use.

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