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Tackling soil erosion and flooding through agroecology

Take me to the farm


Winthagen is a region covering 200 ha in the southern Netherlands, where a leading agricultural research centre – Wageningen University & Research – is working with the municipality of Voerendaal and the local Farmers’ Union  to create a network that brings together farmers, landowners, the municipality, the waterboard, and other local stakeholders.  
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image/svg+xml In recent years, the region of Winthagen has experienced an increase in flooding and soil erosion due to the intensification of arable farming, the loss of hedgerows, and the disappearance of dairy farms and grassland. The network brings together these actors to redesign the region’s farming approach to overcome these challenges, and restore the region’s traditional landscapes, as explained by our colleague Isabella: What is the network working towards?
Finding solutions
According to AGROMIX colleagues in the region, very few farmers in Winthagen follow agroforestry and mixed farming methods, though some have used subsidies to plant fruit trees in their meadows. However, other measures have been taken to prevent flooding and soil erosion, such as increasing soil organic matter by growing green manure, creating thresholds between potato ridges, direct seeding in grain stubble or green manure, and non-reversing tillage on the hilly plots. The latter is required by the government, whilst the previous methods are applied voluntarily.
According to the local farmers consulted by AGROMIX, their investments in organic soil matter, green manure, and other regenerative methods have reduced flooding and soil erosion in their region. 

And, how is Winthagen collaborating with AGROMIX?

What is the network’s vision for the future?


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