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Zaira Ambu

Pilot Facilitator

Jörg Böhmer

Jörg Böhmer &
Imka Pappermann
Stadtbauernhof Saarbrücken verlängerte Julius-Kiefer-Straße 219 A, D-66119 Saarbrücken

+49 177 1458582

Stories from the ground

Take me to the farm

Stadtbauernhof Saarbrücken

Founded in 2015, Stadtbauernhof Saarbrücken is a two-hectare organic farm in Germany. The farm runs a community-supported agriculture scheme, bringing together members to collect their own produce from the farm weekly, and hosts educational programmes for groups of all ages, making sustainable food production accessible for all. Zaira Ambu guides us through their work and what they’ve learnt from working with AGROMIX.
First of all, why agroforestry?
image/svg+xml Stadtbauernhof Saarbrücken Components Trees Crops Animals Agroclimatic zone Continental Organic farming system Individual farm . Germany Saarbrücken 2015
The leaders of the educational programmes highlight that whilst there is a lack of knowledge about agroforestry and mixed farming in modern society, both children and adults show great enthusiasm for learning about these systems through the hands-on experiences that Stadtbauernhof Saarbrücken provides, which connect consumers to the source of their food.

Stadtbauernhof and AGROMIX work together to raising awareness about the role of
agroforestry in addressing climate change and food insecurity, simultaneously:

A key challenge highlighted by the farm leaders is effective communication. Whilst CSA depends on the involvement and commitment of its members, there is still a lack of understanding of regenerative farming practices, showing the importance of increasing access to these educational programmes as part of the upscaling of agroforestry and mixed farming.

A positive sign noted by the farm leaders is that since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, interest in these programmes has increased.

image/svg+xml Zaira Ambu,Pilot project Ambassador We see that AGROMIX can help us create awareness about agroforestry and mixed farming, and how they can contribute to the key issues that we are facing in Germany and across the world such as food security, climate change, and so on.
However, we must still overcome scepticism to make agroforestry the future of farming,
according to Zaira


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