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Marcin Wójcik (OSA)

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Robert Borek (OSA)

Marcin Wójcik
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Southern Poland

Nestled in the Carpathian Mountains of southern Poland, the organic farm OIKOS wants to continue its transformation towards agroforestry, a process it began in 2008. The farmer, with the cooperation of the Polish Agroforestry Association (OSA) and AGROMIX, seeks to increase biodiversity while boosting profitability and growth in a market where products are anchored to sustainability goals.
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Robert Borek, the president of the Polish Agroforestry Association,
tells us more:
Spread across some 200 ha, two-thirds of the agricultural land is covered by grassland used for cattle grazing and partly by hedges. Pastures are mixed with individual trees and forest area in complex mosaics, where more than 200 Limousine beef cows are farmed. Around 25 % of the farm is covered by forest, of which approximately 5% is used as silvopastoral system.
When it comes to integrating agroforestry, the farm first focused on installing windbreaks and hedges. It also looked to constantly increase the number of wooded pastures, which were loosely linked together in a way that leant itself to holistic grazing methods.

How does agroforestry boost the farm’s profitability?

Agroforestry practices help to improve soil quality and protect it from excessive heat, thereby boosting the stability of the fodder base for livestock in the face of climate change. At the OIKOS farm, it has also led to an increase in revenue from timber and solidified the farm’s place in the organic meat market.

The market power of the farm is built on the basis of short supply chains and direct sales. The OIKOS farm is taking the initiative to establish the Grass Fed Beef Quality System. The farmer is also the owner of the local Agricultural Processing Incubator, which is open to a wide range of livestock farmers looking to process their beef. It intends to achieve a strong market position by organizing the cooperation of farmers in the region as part of the “Pasture” Cattle Breeders Association activity.


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