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Mareike Jäger, ZHAW

The modernisation of agroforestry

Take me to the farm

The Swiss Agroforestry Network

Founded in 2011, the Swiss Agroforestry Network brings together 140 members from the German- and French-speaking regions of Switzerland, as shared by our colleague Mareike.
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Agroforestry in Switzerland

In recent years, mixed farming and agroforestry have undergone an expansion and modernisation in Switzerland, which the network has supported by advising farmers and spreading knowledge through conferences, field visits, newsletters, and more. The network has created a community of farmers committed to implementing agroforestry systems. 

How do you identify the modernisation of agroforestry?
Modern agroforestry systems are designed to achieve identified desired outcomes. For example, trees for fruit or high-valuable timber production are increasingly integrated into arable systems, because the farmers have a clear use for them. Modern agroforestry systems also distribute trees in a way that allows farmers to use modern machinery and reduce labour needs. 

The members of the Swiss Agroforestry Network that participate in AGROMIX note that alongside the modernisation, acceptance and interest in agroforestry has increased in Europe in recent years, especially due to the visibility given to successful modern agroforestry farms.

And, how does the network collaborate with AGROMIX?

image/svg+xml Organisations such as the Swiss Agroforestry Network are key as they actively increase the visibility of agroforestry systems and engage farmers that have either been cautious to join the transition, or that have been experimenting with regenerative farming for years, but have not gained due recognition.


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