Diverfarming and AGROMIX on resilient farming system

10 Oct 2022

Yes, you heard us correctly! The second season of LOOPS is getting to an end! But don't worry. We are already preparing a surprise for next year!

Welcome to the last episode of LOOPS second season!
For the newbies, LOOPS is a live webinar series committed to spotlighting innovation in the field of circular economy and sustainable development. It's the opportunity to show what cutting-edge research has been produced, and which changes it can bring to our communities.

In this episode, we will be plunge into the world of agriculture to explore solutions for innovative farming and agribusiness strategies to boost land use resilience and efficiency.

Talking about it will be Diverfarming and AGROMIX, two h2020 projects that will give us insight into their projects and ground-breaking technologies.

The episode will be broadcast on LinkedIn Live.
We strongly encourage you to submit any sort of curiosities, inputs, comments you might have and share experience in the field if any.

Check out Diverfarming: http://www.diverfarming.eu/index.php/en/
Check out AGROMIX: https://agromixproject.eu/

More on the event here

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