International Agroforestry Conference

16-17 Nov 2023
Irish Agroforestry Forum

Farmer-led Climate Adaptation and Mitigation

Why and how trees on farms can help!

Thursday 16th + Friday 17th November 2023, Westlodge Hotel, Bantry, Co.Cork

The conference aims to promote the planting of trees on farms by demonstrating successful agroforestry business models and examples of innovation-driven sustainable farming techniques.

It will bring together a diversity of expert voices, both national and international, to discuss and highlight the multi-faceted benefits that trees can bring to farms and the wider environment.

The conference will engage directly with farmers and provide them with the knowledge they need to farm sustainably and with profit whilst carrying out climate change adaptation and mitigation and helping meet Ireland’s emissions reduction targets.

More information about the conference

Preliminary Agenda available here.

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