Brokerage event in Lebanon – Innovations for grazed woodlands

5 Oct 2022
Brokerage event

On the 5th of October 2022, the grazed woodlands sectors in Lebanon will benefit from the first B2B event organized by The Lebanese Agricultural Research Institute (LARI), in collaboration with the Forest Agency for Land and Environment of Sardinia (FoReSTAS), within the Cross Border Living Laboratories for Agroforestry (LIVINGAGRO) project funded by the European Union through the ENI CBC Med Programme and implemented in Italy, Lebanon, Greece and Jordan. Titled “B2B Event – Innovations for Grazed Woodlands”, this symposium aims to support education, research and development, innovation, technology transfer, and publishing and marketing research results.

Farmers, entrepreneurs, local administrators, researchers, private companies, policy makers and multiple stakeholders interested in agroforestry issues, especially in the field of grazed woodlands, will have the opportunity to participate, whether onsite or online, in a series of discussions, roundtables and one-on-one meetings highlighting the latest scientific research and implementing state-of-the-art innovations related to grazed woodlands that contributes to the development of the sector. A professional panel of acclaimed guest speakers, including representatives from LARI, LIVINGAGRO consortium and other research institutions, will be sharing insights on different topics and innovations related to agroforestry in order to help stakeholders to increase profitability, sustainability, and biodiversity in the face of limited resources and environmental constraints. These discussion sessions will tackle issues regarding adaptive grazing management, reconciling grazing with trees, mixtures for quality pasture, shade tolerant species, remote sensing techniques to monitor oak forests, thinning and pruning trees in silvopastoral systems, land imprinter for rangelands rehabilitation coupled with rangeland species seeder and, hydroponic fodder system.

Grazed woodlands are land use systems that integrate woody vegetation with livestock, playing an important socio-economic role, and providing rural employment and a range of ecosystem services. With its open innovation approach, LIVINGAGRO project will help different stakeholders during this one-day B2B event in identifying the types of problems facing this sector, as well as underlining and co-designing the most workable technological solutions that maximize the ecosystem functionality of the grazed forest and enhance the many aspects and resources that agroforestry in grazed woodland can provide.

The LIVINGAGRO project will also help to encourage stakeholders to collaborate with each other, which will lead to different innovations with high business potentials among research centers, agricultural policy makers and other interested stakeholders in grazed woodlands.

Know more about the brokerage event here

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