2-5 Mar 2023
Regenerative Agriculture

The Exhibition for Agriculture and Livestock, Agrothessaly, is a regional exhibition organization with pan-Hellenic scope, which originates from the strategic cooperation of TIF-HELEXPO and the Municipality of Larissa.

Its aim is to promote the products of Greek and global agro-livestock production, to inform about all developments in new technologies and to create, in the most developed rural area of the country, an important networking point for domestic and international commercial contacts.

At the same time, it hosts interesting informative events on agricultural entrepreneurship, which are organized by primary sector bodies, but also by educational institutions - prominently the University of Thessaly - which attract the interest of professionals in the sector and the general public, both from the local and from the nationwide market.

Agrothessaly is a biannual event that operates in the covered market area of Larissa.

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