Agroforestry Open Weekend 2024

17-20 May 2024
Agroforestry Open Weekend

Date: 17 - 20 May 2024

What is Agroforestry Open Weekend?

Agroforestry Open Weekend is nothing more than an identified weekend in the year when farms and other sites with agroforestry planting can be open in co-ordination with each other to welcome visitors.

It’s a great opportunity for other farmers, campaigners, politicians, environmentalists and anyone else interested to have a look at agroforestry in action!

Who can take part?

Any site anywhere in the world which has agroforestry planting and is willing to welcome visitors that weekend can take part.

Anyone with an area of agroforestry planting who would like to join in – see the information here about what’s involved and get in touch via

More information and registration

Agroforestry Open Weekend

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