Agroecology Forum 2023

16-18 Nov 2023
Agroecology Forum

The 2023 Agroecology Europe Forum is a 3-day in-person event gathering experts from all over Europe for dynamic and interactive dialogues around key European policy issues. Stakeholders and representatives of the agroecological community—farmers, growers, and ranchers, peasants, researchers, social movements, non-governmental organizations, and European policy makers—meet to discuss the most pressing challenges and present solutions for today’s agricultural and food systems.

Co-organized by Agroecology Europe and the Hungarian Agroecological Network Association in Gyöngyös, Hungary, this year’s Agroecology Europe Forum shines a light to the agroecological richness of the Central Eastern European region and creates stronger alliances between the different actors involved in the science, practice, and movement arms of agroecology in a more rural context.

Location: Károly Róbert Campus, Hungarian University of Agricultural and Life Sciences (MATE), Gyöngyös, Hungary

More information about the Forum here.

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