2nd International Forest Garden / Food Forest Symposium

20-24 Feb 2023
Forest garden

Following the great success of the first International Symposium in 2021, we are excited to announce that the Second Symposium will take place online from 20-24 February 2023!

The aim is to cover all aspects of food forestry, so there will be presentations on projects from around the world (both urban and rural, from the far north to the tropics), current research, perennial foods and cooking, education, health, design, carbon storage and climate change. Geographically there will be material from five continents (North America eg. USA; South America eg. Ecuador and Uruguay; Europe from Finland to Spain and Portugal via the UK and Netherlands; Asia eg. Japan; Australasia – Australia and New Zealand.) A list of confirmed speakers is below.

Why Online? Because the first event worked so well, and being online meant that the event was more inclusive – anyone from anywhere in the world could participate; and more eco – all those carbon emissions from travelling across the world are avoided. You can’t quite ‘bump into’ participants in the same way online, but even here we will provide as many opportunities to mix with others as we can.

The geographical spread of presenters for this second event also has a much better gender mix of presentations, with over 50% of the presentations made by women.

A ticket gives you online access to the 5 days of the event, including all the presentations, live chat, live Q & A and discussion sessions, the virtual exhibitors area, the downloads area, poster presentations, ability to text and audio chat to other participants. All the symposium sessions will available on catch up afterwards for participants.

Know more on the event here

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